Duragesic Pain Patch

The attorneys at the Singleton Law Firm are dedicated to handling your Duragesic Pain Patch claim. The Duragesic Pain patch is used in the management of severe, chronic pain that cannot be managed with less powerful drugs. The patch releases a stron opioid, Fentanyl, through the skin at a fixed rate for 72 hours. Only patients already tolerant to opioid treatment are prescribed the patch. The Durgesic Pain Patch was approved for the market in 1990 and is manufactured by PriCara, an affiliate of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Our attorneys are currently reviewing cases involving the pain patch. In 2005, the FDA issued a Public Health Advisory after it had received reports of death in patients using the patch. Since then, there has been an expanded recall of the Duragesic Pain Patch due to possible leakage owed to improper sealing of one of the patches’ edges. Every 25 microgram-per-hour patch released into retail outlets containing an expiration date of December 2009 or earlier has been recalled. Approximately one in every 500,000 patches may be prone to leaking, and direct contact with the fentanyl gel has proven to be deadly.

If you or a loved one have experienced the following severe symptoms while using the Duragesic Pain Patch please contact the attorneys at the Singleton Law Firm: chest pain, rash, seizure, coughing up of blood, or death.