Toxic Substances

Toxic substances take many forms in our chemical laden world. Building materials, contaminated ground water, toxic mold and many other types of products can have damaging effects on the body. An illness that is brought on by toxic substances is difficult, as the illness may not manifest for years after exposure. Asbestos, which was one of the most common building materials, is a prime example of this problem, and many lawsuits have been successful in recovering compensation for this exposure. If you believe that you have become ill due to a toxic substance, contact the Singleton Law Firm and we will assist you.

We have many proven successes in this realm of the legal world. Contaminated ground water is one of the most common toxic substances in this region of the United States and we have prevailed in matters involving this particular contamination.

Additionally, Attorney Singleton plays an intricate role in the Chinese Drywall Multi District Litigation which is presently being litigated in New Orleans, Louisiana. This case is being prosecuted based upon damages suffered by homeowners for damages to their home from the spread of this mold in drywall purchased from certain overseas corporations.

Contact the Singleton Law Firm today if you believe you or a loved one has suffered the effects of a Toxic Substance.